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Listen to Radio Signals from Space

We've taken ten seconds of data from the Arecibo telescope and converted it to sound. The original data is around 1.42 GigaHertz (billion cycles/second), which is way too high to hear. We've extracted a 10 KHz band and shifted it down to the audible 0-10KHz range.

Expect to hear a hissing sound. That's how radio signals from space generally sound. The type of signal SETI@home is searching for would sound like a whistle. It would probably be too faint to hear (although SETI@home could hopefully detect it).

Select one of the following formats (try WAV first):

WAV format
AU format

Some interesting radio patterns come from natural sources. For example, here is the signal from a pulsar (a spinning collapsed start) called Pulsar_B0329+54 (thanks to Antony Interlandi for sending us this).
AU format

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