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Corporate Involvement

We offer two ways for companies to join in the SETI@home search:

  1. Corporate Participant

    Run SETI@home on some or all of your corporate PCs. Create a SETI@home "group" and have the employees join it. This lets you keep track of your company's totals and compete against other companies in the same size range (small, medium, or large). If your company is in the top 100 in its range, it will be listed (together with a link to your web site, if desired) on the SETI@home web site.

    For more information, click here.

    Security notes: The SETI@home software was developed by UC Berkeley researchers. It is not "open source". It has been extensively tested and has no known security problems. SETI@home will work through most firewalls and HTTP proxies. We are working on features that will allow SETI@home to be scheduled to run only during certain times.

  2. Corporate Sponsor

    SETI@home is a non-profit research project, funded by a mixture of corporate funding, government grants, and private donations. We need money to pay programmer salaries and buy equipment. Donate $10,000 or more to SETI@home, and your company will be listed (with a logo and link to your web site, if you desire) on our web site, which currently gets over 100,000 visits per day. We also list our sponsors on the screensaver's "About box".

    For more information, and a donation form, click here.

Many thanks for your support for SETI@home!

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