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Where in the sky?

Even though the Arecibo dish is fixed in place looking straight up at the zenith, it can still be pointed through a a limited range. This is done by moving the receiving antennas along the bow-shaped track. This allows the telescope to "see" the sky between 2 degrees south declination and 38 degrees north declination. We've marked this region on the map with a grayish region. See if you can find what part of the sky your work-unit was recorded in. Note that the sky is a big place! You'll probably have to scroll to the right to see the whole universe!

The bow-shaped declination track with the antennas is mounted on a circular track. By combining these two motions of the antennas, the telescope can track objects for up to three hours. Actually though, SETI@home is not interested in tracking objects, but would rather have them drift through the telescope "beam" while the antennas sit still.

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