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Time of last update: 05:05:00 (UTC) on 2001-09-18
This web page gets updated automatically every five minutes.

Data Server Status

The data server is up and running

If you are experiencing problems connecting to our server, this may be due to network problems on your end, or our server being swamped with requests.

For more information about previous outages, please check our Technical News page.

Data Acquisition Status

Enabled: The receiver at Arecibo Observatory is on and we are acquiring data for both SERENDIP and SETI@home projects.

Current Splitter Tapes

We are currently splitting data taken from the days below into work units:

30 December 2000 (aa)
31 December 2000 (aa)
05 January 2001 (aa)
18 March 2001 (aa)

The parathentical letters reflect order of data collection. Since we frequently fill more than one tape per day, we tag tapes with a set of two characters reflecting its sequence. We start with "aa," then "ab," and so on.

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