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News Archive

— August 21, 2001 —
New Feature: Browse current user profiles by country.
— August 7, 2001 —
Keep track of the current progress of the SETI@home project, and learn more about our candidate signal detection pr ocess.
— August 15, 2001 —
Our apologies to those of you using parsers or 3rd party software to process our stats pages. We made some HTML changes to those pages that apparently broke many of your algorithms. On the bright side, we've reverted to the original (pre-8/13) formatting, and our team pages are in the process of being reverted as well.
— July 30, 2001 —
View user profiles (and submit or edit your own profile) at the User Profile Area.
— July 26, 2001 —
Science Newsletter #8 tells how we verify results.
— July 25, 2001 —
Check out our Hands-On Radio SETI Exhibit.
— July 28, 2001 —
View previous Crunchers of the Week.
— July 17, 2001 —
Version 3.05 for Mac OS X is now officially released.
— July 11, 2001 —
We're pleased that Cosmos Studios is now a Key Sponsor of SETI@home. ...more
— May 27, 2001 —
If you have received email from any party claiming to have hacked the SETI@home site, please click here.
— May 23, 2001 —
Our official two-year anniversary was on May 17, 2001. Thanks to the dedication and productivity of our 3 million SETI@home users, we've been able to extend the depth and breadth of our project into the forseeable future. See our Project Report for updates on our status and goals.
— May 16, 2001 —
Congratulations to Bernd Ziegler, our 3 MILLIONTH SETI@home user!
— April 7, 2001 —
SETI@home version 3.03 is available and mandatory for all supported platforms. Earlier versions will no longer work. Changes in version 3.03 can be found here.
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